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Cuddle Coat™ - Anxiety Calming Wrap

$ 14.95 $ 39.95

4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us

4 Reasons

Many of you have been asking for a better solution for an anti-anxiety or calming coat for your dog, and we’ve heard you! We’ve been working hard on creating the ultimate Cuddle Coat™, and it’s almost ready for nationwide launch.

The Cuddle Coat™ will be released this fall but it’s not quite ready for launch! Before we release it, we need beta testers to make sure it’s as awesome and works as well as first tests have proven. We’re asking you — to beta test our Cuddle Coat™.

As a beta tester, we’ll reward you by giving you our coat at wholesale price. All we ask is that you cover the material and shipping cost. (Under 50% of what it will retail for soon.)

Feedback from our beta testers is critical, and we’d really appreciate the help. We want to see the before and after success stories. Send us videos of your dog before the Cuddle Coat™ and after. We want to show others exactly how well this coat works.

Please don't order unless you are open to giving us feedback and maybe being part of our videos that will be aired throughout the USA. Thank you! (You'll have to grant permission before these are aired... of course)

** Did I mention they also double as a raincoat? **

**PLEASE NOTE** Please allow 14-35 days to arrive due to high demand!

Interested? Get yours today! 

Discover The Difference:

  • Easily creates a cuddle feeling for your dog. It’s the next best thing besides cuddling them through the anxiety.
  • Provides relief from thunderstorms, car trips, noise, anxiety, vet visits, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, crate anxiety and excessive barking.
  • Reflective, 100% waterproof and windproof outside material. Unlike the other products on the market, our Cuddle Coat™ can be used for all car trips and vet visits… and it won’t absorb water and need to be washed every time it gets wet.
  • Made with lightweight, breathable, machine-washable fabric. Gentle velcro and elastic gives gentle pressure… just enough for your dog to feel safe.
  • Button hole leash opening
  • Velcro adjustment on neck and under belly
  • Drug free and comfortable for your dog. 

Here is the sizing chart: (Please measure twice because these are being custom made and will take 3-4 weeks to arrive to you)


                 Chest                                Neck           Back Length
Small        15-17 inches                    14.50”                 12.20”
Medium    17.70 - 19.5 inches           15”                     14”
Large        20.50 - 22.75 inches         15.35”                15.50”
XL             23.63 - 25.50 inches         16”                     17.30”
XXL           26 - 27.50 inches              16.50”                19”
XXXL         28.35 - 30.30 inches         17.30”                20.5” 


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