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Wall Mounted Kennel Bells®️ - Kennel Bell®️ - Potty Training Bells for Puppies

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4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us

4 Reasons

Wall Mounted Kennel Bells®️ - Kennel Bell®️ -  Potty Training Bells for Puppies -Potty Bells For Dogs - Dog Potty Training Bells
Wake Me Up Before You GO GO!!!

That's what our Kennel Bells will do for you and your dog. Same exact bells used in our Puppy Training Fast Track System.

It's an easier and better way for your dog to communicate to you.
When we are potty training client's puppies, we will many times go from the hanging potty bells to this mounted bell, once the puppy is trained and knows the concept.
Instead of hearing barking & scratching, you hear the gentle jingle of our Potty/Kennel Bells!

We LOVE the sound of the bells. (I literally had to make my husband to get our latest shipment from the warehouse our of the car or they would still in there. He loved hearing the bells. lol)

What's better than hearing the polite chime of our Potty Bells when your doggie needs to use the bathroom?

It makes potty training easier and less exhausting for both you and your puppy!

Simply mount beside door on wall.

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