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About Us

PuppyTrainingFastTrackStore.com was started by Tammy, wife of Best Selling Author of "How To Train My Puppy Fast Track System". 

Trey is the author of the best selling internet dog training book, “How To Train My Puppy Fast Track System” as well as several dog training dvds and dog training information products for the the dog training industry.


Hey… This is Tammy, wife of Trey Stevens, creator of the Puppy Training Fast Track system and this store is MY baby. : )

I wanted to offer our customers the best in dog training products and dog apparel without it costing an arm and a leg. I'm adding products each day and a lot of them are because of your request. 

So, email me and let me know what you are looking for.

Because of Trey's status in the community, he is able to get deals that no one else is able to get. (So, of course, I'm using that to my advantage : )

 So, check out our website and thanks again for stopping by.

If you haven't checked out Trey's Best Selling Fast Track System, then you can check it out here:

Puppy Training Fast Track