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Cozy Condo Crate 3 Door with Sky Door

$ 99.95 $ 299.95

4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us

4 Reasons

To find a crate more cozy than this, your puppy is going to need a realtor! Let this be their home away from home.

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Several have asked for a
payment plan for our crates...
Here are the links for a 3 Pay Plan:
(But you can save by using the ONE Time)

24" - Click Here For 3 Payment Plan

30" - Click Here For 3 Payment Plan

42" - Click Here For 3 Payment Plan

The Cozy Condo Crates are not sold in stores and is only available on this site. Over 100,247 dogs have been successfully potty-trained with the use of the Puppy Training Fast Track System. And now we’ve created what we believe to be THE best house training crate on the market.

Follow the easy instructions in the Puppy Training Fast Track and you are set.

Indoor Pad Training? Got You Covered!
Outdoor Training? Got You Covered!
Patio Training? Got You Covered!
Kennel Bell Training?  Got You Covered!

This crate is the Ultimate Crate for transitioning for ANY house training method you are considering!

Take this Cozy Condo Crate anywhere - a fold down design and carrying handle make it ideal for travel. Or, use it anywhere around the home - it take just seconds to set up or break down for space - saving storage when not in use.

Includes Divider For Blocking Off Crate While Potty Training Your Puppy.  

        • Perfect for training puppy to use pads or to use grass while potty training.

        • Perfect for parents who work during the day and cannot be there every 3 hours.

        • Also includes regular divider panel

  • A front door, a side door and a top door for convenience

  • Exclusive Top Door allows you to place your little puppy inside or to attach leash to puppy before opening front or side door.

  • Also includes regular divider panel

  • DOUBLE Slide-bolt latches securely locks doors in place

  • Folding metal dog crate folds flat for convenient storage, travel & portability

  • Strong & sturdy metal crate design creates a safe place for your dog while you're away

  • Features include DOUBLE Slide-bolt latches securely locks doors in place, rounded corners, strong carrying handle, and rubber feet to protect your floors, a durable satin-black finish, and a removable, leak-proof easy-to-clean plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident. 

    The fold and carry design means the crate sets up easily in seconds without the need for tools.


    1) Simply choose the size of crate that your dog will need when it reaches its full adult size.

    The divider panel will allow you to adjust the length of the living area while your puppy grows, keeping the living space small enough to reduce the chance of your puppy eliminating while being trained. 


    Follow the instructions in the Puppy Training Fast Track System and you are well on your way to a house trained puppy or older dog. : )

    The Cozy Condo Crate is a very small and smart investment in the training of your dog that will last for the lifetime of your dog.

    Also included our SkyWindow Door for easy access from the top.

    ** If you're looking for crate with divider with door enclosed, then go on over to ModernPuppies.com, and put in coupon code KDD30606 at checkout and receive a discounted price."


    Small: 24"L x 18"W x 20"H

    Breeds: Havanese, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Norfolk Terrier, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Scottish Terrier, Shih Tzu, Skye Terrier, Silky Terrier, Toy Poodle, Toy Fox Terrier, West Highland White Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Boston terrier, Chihuahua, fox terrier, Maltese, miniature dachshund, miniature poodle, Pomeranian, pug, Shih Tzu
    Approximate Weight of the Dog: Less than 20 lbs

    Medium: 30"L x 21"W x 24"H

    Breeds: Cocker Spaniel, Australian Terrier, Basset Hound, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Dachsh und, Italian Greyhound, Jack Russell Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Poodle, Schnauzer, Parson Russell Terrier, Wirehaired Fox Terrier
    Approximate Weight of the Dog: Less than 40lbs

    Large: 42"L x 28"W x 30"H

    Breeds: Airedale Terrier, Alaskan Malamute, American Bulldog, Boxer, Briard, Malinois, Tervueren. American Pit Bull Terrier, Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, Bull Terrier, Dalmatian, Old English Sheepdog.
    Approximate Weight of the Dog: 40-60lbs


    7 Day Shipping - All Crates - $9.95


    Here are the links for a 3 Pay Plan:
    (But you can save by using the ONE Time)

    24" - Click Here For 3 Payment Plan

    30" - Click Here For 3 Payment Plan

    42" - Click Here For 3 Payment Plan


    "I bought the 42" for my labradoodle when she was 8 wks old. I loved the top door when she was small because she could not get out until we had her collar on and a good hold of her. I also like the polypropylene tray . It is more rubbery than the hard plastic ones so the nails don't scrape and tap. This makes a big difference if you crate them at night when you are trying to sleep."

    "quick easy access to pet your crated dog, drop favorite treats or toys without your dog trying to exit the crate."

    "Loving this crate. We wanted to patio train our dog and it is the perfect setup."

    "I love that the top opens (and that was the reason for purchasing) Easy three door access. Great product!"

    "Love the door on top for pulling out the linen for washing. The front door will last forever. The entire Crate will last forever I truly believe. Great Product!"

    "I really like the 3 doors. It makes it very easy to get your dog in and out of the crate."

    "We are getting a golden retriever puppy soon and wanted to buy only one crate that would serve us from puppyhood to adulthood. This does the trick because of the crate's divider."

    "We purchased this crate for our new golden retriever puppy. It comes with a divider panel. Haven't had any crate messes yet! The top door is helpful for placing toys and other things in the crate once the puppy is already inside."

    "Check out a couple of other brands and for the money, this one couldn't be beat."


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