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PupBodyGuard™ Seatbelt and Harness- FREE Shipping!

$ 17.00 $ 34.95

4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us

4 Reasons

One of my favorite movies of all time was Bodyguard. Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Being a cop at the time... could've helped but I think more than that... we call can relate with wanting to protect the one we love.


If you own a dog, chances are high that your pup rode as a passenger in your vehicle on at least a few occasions. You may have let them roam free in the backseat, permitted them to ride shotgun, or secured them in a crate, but is there a better way? Does it matter?

Listen to this:

Definition: bod·y·guard -a person hired to escort and protect. synonyms: guard, personal guard, protector, guardian, defender 

Car accident test simulations, done using a 12-pound dog crash test dummy, showed that at a speed of only 30 mph, an unrestrained dog will strike a barrier with
650 pounds of force on impact.

On top of this, in the event of a car accident, an unrestrained dog will most likely try to escape the car if windows are broken and can then easily get lost or hit by other cars.

And now- Hawaii, NJ and looks like North Carolina soon... will write a ticket for a dog in your lap.

Bottom Line:

Be The Bodyguard!

Buckle Them Up - Because They Can't Do It Without You! 

If not you, then who?


And we want to do our part!



PupBodyGuard™ Seatbelt and Harness
(Limit 2 per household)

FREE Shipping!
Limited Time 50% OFF

Our PupBodyGuard™ Seatbelt and Harness:

-  Protects your dog from tumbling to the floorboard or landing in the front seat

- Keeps Them Safe in Case of Sudden Stop or Accident

- Keeps Them from Distracting You When Driving

- Adjustable for Convenience and allows quick entry and exit

- Premium Metal Buckle - fits any car

- Seatbelt and buckle fits ANY car and is adjustable length which offers your Pup freedom to sit, lay, or stand safely in the car. Safely satisfying a dog's urge to look out the window while going down the road.


Size Chart


                      Neck Size        Chest Size        Suitable Weight

Small             8" - 10 1/2"         15" - 18"             4 - 11 lbs.

Medium        10" - 14 1/2"        17" - 20 1/2"      11 - 33 lbs.

Large             13" - 19"              19" - 24 1/2"       33-55 lbs.

XL                  17" - 23 1/2"        25" - 32"             55-88 lbs.

 (If you don't have a flexible tape measure... take a piece of string and measure and compare it on your straight measuring tape.)



Because of HIGH DEMAND, if we do not have your size/color in stock, please allow 2-3 weeks. You will get it. We did not get our reputation by not delivering. : )

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